Taylor Creek to Elevated Wetlands path in Toronto

A photo tour down the river and trail from Taylor Creek Park on Dawes Road west under the Woodbine bridge to the Don Valley Parkway and Don Mills Road. The photos were taken in June 2024, including the improvements made for sewer construction in the Spring of 2024.

Taylor Creek Park at 260 Dawes Rd

In 2024 there was still construction further east from the parking lot, so we’ll start this tour at 260 Dawes Rd, East York, ON M4C 5C4. There is a free parking lot, washrooms, and a water fountain. The trail runs along the north side of the parking lot, and continues west.

West along the main Taylor Creek Trail

We’ll continue west with the river on our the right through forests, and swamp lands, and bat box houses.

There are various bridges across the Taylor-Massey Creek along the main trail, as well as bridges to connect to side trails on the other side of the river.

Take a look on a map if you are curious, but you’ll find trails to:

  • Taylor Creek Park Picnic Area #5
  • Path north to the end of Halsey Ave. – a quiet residential street
  • Path south to the Taylor Creek Hydro Corridor ending at Lumsden Ave. and a little variety store.
  • Path north over the creek and up to Rexleigh Drive – a quiet residential street
  • Another path north over the creek and up to Notley Place – a quiet residential street
  • The Alder stairs that lead north to Alder Road
  • A trail that runs south to Cullen Bryant Park and playground

Taylor Massey Creek and Ferris Creek sewer and bridge work

There was a detour in the trail at the end of 2023 and the spring of 2024 for work on the sewer where Taylor Massey Creek and Ferris Creek meet. There was also bridge work, and they planted many trees to re-naturalize the area.

The main path on the south side of the river is pretty straightforward, but you can turn right, over a bridge to the north side and circle back into the forest:

Looking back at the work they did to the run-off and river sides. Retrace your steps here, back over the bridges to the main trail. Route 22 – we’ll turn right (west) toward Stan Waldow Park and Alder road. Here is a good example of all the new trees they planted:

O’Conner Drive bridge to the DVP

The trail continues west through more forests and over the creek a few times. There is a side trail up to a little parking lot at the end of Halden Ave and the Taylor Creek Hydro Corridor. We’ll keep on the main trail heading west under the O’Conner Drive bridge.

You’ll notice some of the bridges also have a water crossing for park vehicles.

There are also some smaller hiking trails into the forest, but no mountain biking trails.

We’ll cross one last bridge, then see the dog park in the distance.

Finally we’ll take the park road under the DVP:

Flooding after a lot of rain in July 2024

To the right (north) once you’re under the DVP is is the temporary bridge leading to the East Don Trail that runs north east along the east side of the Don River.

It will cross various bridges and through tunnels, along the Gatineau Hydro Corridor at one point, under Eglinton Ave East, and eventually connecting to the existing East Don Trail.

For more details see the Toronto Region Conservation Authority webpage for updates on the different phases of the project.

West end of the trail at the DVP and Elevated Wetlands Sculptures

Finally you’ll arrive at the end of this path and the Elevated Wetlands Sculptures by artist Noel Harding – this ‘eco art’ was built in 1997-1998 with money from the Canadian Plastics Industry Association in cooperation with the City of Toronto,

It is “six sculptures made of expanded polystyrene foam, acrylic stucco coating, solar powered irrigation system, recycled plastic soil structure, native plants, and water from the Don River.

We passed the first three of the sculptures on the south side of the DVP near the dog park.

At this point you have two options (besides heading back the way you came):

#1. Turn right (north) across the white bridge into the Charles Sauriol Park parking lot and continue north on the Lower Don Recreational trail through the E.T. Seton woods, under Overlea Blvd towards Sunnybrook park and eventually to the Wilket Creek trail up to Edwards Gardens.

#2. Or take the path that continues west, under Don Mills Road south-west down the Lower Don River Trail – Route 45 south / Route 22 west.

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