Mount Pleasant Cemetery Visitation Centre

Back at the end of September 2009 the new Mount Pleasant Visitation Centre was pretty much complete. The visitation centre ( now called a funeral centre ) has a long, protracted history reaching back to initial plans in 2004. It looks like they’ve done a nice job of the building and landscaping, and the running/walking/biking path is now open. Here are some photos from the end of September, 2009.

Please remember that this is an active cemetery – respect the graves and grave stones, watch where you walk and remain on the paths. Also be aware that there may be a burial service going on with grieving friends and families.

The first thing you’ll notice is the initial plan to have car access from Moore Park Avenue was rejected – the only access is via the Beltline path:
Visitation centre from across Moore Park Avenue
In keeping with the excellent landscaping and trees throughout the cemetery, new plants and trees have been planted on either side of the new brick wall:
Trees and plants outside the wall running along Moore Park Avenue
As with all entrances to the cemetery, this one can be locked after hours:
New gate, looking north
The trail continues north along the side of the new building (this part of the path was opened within a week of these photos, hence some temporary fence still visible):
Beltline path running north
The north side of the center, inside the cemetery grounds, isn’t quite as nice – an asphalt parking lot for 80 cars sits in sharp contrast to the rest of the cemetery grounds.
New parking lot for 80 cars
Looking back across the parking lot you see the north end of the building:
The visitation center from the north
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