Downtown Toronto ice skating – City Hall and College Park

A quick video of people enjoying a couple of downtown Toronto skating rinks in January, 2023. See the bottom of the post for the map of the outdoor rinks.

Ice skaters in downtown Toronto outside City Hall and College Park

Some Toronto ice skating video, including shots from:

The short Barbara Ann Scott Ice Trail at College Park

  • Located near Yonge Street and Gerrard Street, just south of College Park and the College Street TTC subway station.
  • Named after a famous Canadian figure skater – Barbara Ann Scott – who was “the 1948 Olympic champion, a two-time World champion (1947–1948), and a four-time Canadian national champion (1944–46, 48) in ladies’ singles. Known as “Canada’s Sweetheart,” she is the only Canadian to have won the Olympic ladies’ singles gold medal, the first North American to have won three major titles in one year and the only Canadian to have won the European Championship (1947–48).

Ice skating rink at Nathan Phillips Square at Toronto City Hall

Besides the skating rink, you can also see:

Original music

The music is an exploration of a simple progression between C major, Csus2, and Csus4 chords. A custom Python script generated a midi file, which was then processed in Garage Band to change the voices, and add an autogenerated drum track. The music was then loaded into iMovie along with the skating clips.

Directions to the downtown Toronto skating rinks

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