Mount Pleasant Cemetery Visitation Centre

Back at the end of September 2009 the new Mount Pleasant Visitation Centre was pretty much complete. The visitation centre ( now called a funeral centre ) has a long, protracted history reaching back to initial plans in 2004. It looks like they’ve done a nice job of the building and landscaping, and the running/walking/biking … Read more

Art Metropole: 1906 Catalogue and price list of colors and materials…

The Art Metropole building still stands at 241 Yonge street, across from Eatons Centre. But in 1906 is was located farther south at 149 Yonge Street. The catalogue also includes other important details: The new building was also used to house exhibits like the Thumb-box exhibition by Canadian Artists – 1911 They were quite proud of … Read more

Metallic Roofing Co of Canada Catalogue S

The 1900 Architectural Sheet Metal Building Material of Every Description is a fascinating 362 page catalogue that has been scanned and made available online on the Internet Archive. It was produced by the Metallic Roofing Co of Canada – located at King and Dufferin streets in Toronto. The catalogue has illustrations and photos on most … Read more